Sunday, June 16, 2013

On a Starry Night!

On a starry night, miles apart from where we met

I lie thinking about you, about your teary eyes that said good bye

There I was living my life among flowers, where you waltzed in like a rainbow sweeping me off my feet

Was it real or did someone just give my dreams a fancy make over?

I was fortunate enough to fall on your feet and become your slave

But never did I think that you would reciprocate

We flew like birds with fluttering wings, couldn't have cared less about what the world thinks

Until came the day when fate blew its fiery wind my way

I woke up to find a letter in your hand

That said that my motherland needed me more than you

That I had to leave you,my love,my life behind

Now here I am with a wound in my soul, not just from the pain of leaving you alone but also because of the bullet that is slowly ripping my heart

One more time I ached to see you, to hold you in my arms

To tell you that you are and will be the only love in my life

But here I lie,on a starry night, with only memories of how we met


PeeVee™ said...


P.S: Whiskey Lullaby.

deeps said...

let the dreams of starry night come true...

There is still time!

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