Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Hell and back!

Finally its over. Freedom at last. Freedom to dream more, wake up late, read what i want, roam around, watch tv AND do all this without any guilt. Those sleepless, anxiety filled nights (only 2,but still) are over. Man, the amount of concentration I put in and the different strategies I came up with to somehow fall asleep is really amazing. I mean would anyone ever, by chance, hire me for thinking up cool dreams? Na, the world has lost its creativity. They say they want people who 'think out of the box'( a term I absolutely hate and I swear to god I'll give the finger to anyone that uses it in front of me again) but when we actually do, we're supposedly not good enough as those nerds who did nothing but mug and puke out what was said centuries ago by even worse nerds who didn't even have the common sense to eat an apple when it fell on their head. Anyways, back to trying to get to sleep, counting the sheep doesn't work anymore. What the hell is the deal with those damn sheep?? Why the hell do they have to suddenly turn into beautiful white dear and make even counting that interesting??? Every other time when I don't get sleep, the most interesting programme on tv would be my Paati's Telugu-dubbed Tamil serial. But on the night before the exam, they HAD to show a sexy photo shoot of RK and make my already-weak heart even weaker. I tell you, Paulo Coelho is just crazy. Out of my personal, not-so-pleasurable experience I say, "When you truly want something in life, the whole universe conspires AGAINST you in making it as shitty as possible for you achieve it." I never get tired of saying it, Life's cruel. I don't even get time to savour this moment in peace as I got another one of 'those' tomorrow. Hope I sleep sound and don't screw it up yet again tomorrow.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am confused. I am mad. Going crazier by the minute. Don't know why, but the world doesn't seem so peaceful anymore. College did suck but I guess I'd happily stay there if it that would help me escape my near future. Always searching for a bigger wall to hit my head, for not learning to study when i was younger, and a lot more tameable. The 'What ifs' are ruling my life, thousand questions battering my head. Wherever i turn, there are people who're suddenly interested in knowing what i'm gonna do with my life. Finding solace in other people's misery never runs out of fashion, does it? Then i'd have to muster up the courage to come with a whole load of crap like, "No, i'm just taking one step at a time, let's see what happens." This kind of stuff shouldn't bother me, I know. But i just want something, anything to think about other than THE thing that i keep fighting off, but which i'm afraid is gonna give me a tumour anytime now.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I still remember last year, 10th May '08, evening 4:30, me and my sister driving d vehicle as fast as v can to the Chepauk stadium in Chennai to watch the last league match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab(the match were Balaji took a hatrick and Chennai won in style)...that was one day which i can never forget...right from the entry of ace drummer Sivamani, grand entrance by the team members, their practice session before the match,floodlights,the excitement in the air, and every single sight and sound is still very clear in my mind....What a day it was!! I simply loved the match...there is something special and soulful about the crowd in India which can never be found anywhere else in the world...we were all so passionate about the whole thing....even a dot ball by our bowlers were met with a big cheer and a huge blow from our li'l custom made trumpets..all of us were standing on the thin chair and jumping up and down for almost every single ball...
God, i miss all that now....this year's IPL is a big let down...why is it even called an Indian Premiere League if its not happening here...the game looks so dull without the bright colours and familiar unruly crowd of India....the people of SA are watching it as if it were a tennis game, sitting and clapping occasionally....there is no fun in it...most of all,the stadium lacks the sound....except for Sivamani's music, there's nothing over there which pumps energy to the players....all of it looks very dull...even the TRP's for IPL-2 is way lower than that of the first edition..not that i'm not watching the matches though,i just hope all this changes and the people of SA let their guards down and soon learn to enjoy in Indian style...only then IPL-2 will be more interesting and succeed in making a mark here....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Being cautious or obsession with consequences??

The beauty of life lies in its utter unpredictability....does it take too much for people to understand this?? i don't understand the need of people to know what's gonna happen to them each and every minute....why can't they just wait it out and enjoy the time they've got at present? this is total insanity....i'm a person who always looks out for an element of mystery in everything i do...after all, what's the use of "trying" something new, knowing fully well how it's gonna turn out...people, in the name of being cautious, really freak me as such is so much fun...if they can just let it be and sit back and relax (ie.,shut up and do their work) without fussing about their would-be great grand daughter's future,everything will turn out well...just for once take your best friend,board the first bus that comes your way,(i'm talking in my range here...of course you can catch a plane or go to Himalayas if you can) get down when you get bored with the ride, explore the place,roam around well without thinking about what'll happen if you get lost,or what if you get kidnapped or fall into a well, you'll get a li'l idea of what i'm talking about here....

Don't let yourself be a victim of the 'consequences phobia' or whatever...try something new,enjoy the time you have now and have FUN...for, "when you look back in your life, you'll always regret the stuff you haven't done rather than the ones you have"...or in typical bollywood style-"क्या पता, कल हो न हो !!!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseini

This is one of the most touching books that i've read in recent times...usually i don't like such touchy-feely tragedies but this one is an exception...the true hero of the story is Hassan..he wins the heart of the readers right away and remains to be the favourite throughout the story though he comes only for about 1/4th part of it....the lifestyle of Afghanistan, with all its caste and status issues,the way Taliban rule affected the lives of so many in Kabul and other areas etc., is brought out beautifully by the author....this book can break even the toughest of people and create its place in their of the finest books i've read so far and a must-read for anyone who likes sensitive, emotional kind of books....its definitely worth reading....

There is still time!

My Objectives : 2011 1. Change Job 2. Save 60% of Monthly income 3. Go on a Euro trip , if not World Tour 4. Write a full length novel...