Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random things I wish to say to people

@Sandy: Oddly enough, you’re still the first person I think of calling when I come across a handsome dude on the street :)

@Dinky: Whenever I get frustrated at work and think if I’ve made a wrong career choice, your image appears in front of me, rolling your eyes and saying in that cocky tone of yours ,”Duh..!”. No matter how far apart we are, you’ll always be my best partner in crime :)

@Manu: If I were a Psychology major, you’d definitely be my research material and I’d do my dissertation on you. ‘Coz you’re that interesting. Not that you aren’t an irreplaceable nut-case ;) Btw, if HP really did exist, you’d make an amazing Ron Weasley (for your expressions, I mean).

@Vaish: I guess even if I become as old as my granny, I’d still have that compulsive need to call you and give you an up-to-date of what’s happening. An event doesn’t seem complete without me telling you about it and hearing what you have to say about that:)

@Divi: Best pillow ever:) You have always been that balancing act in everything. With you around I don’t have to be cautious of what I say ‘cos I know you’ll take it in the way I meant it.

@Paps: I am ‘there’ until you are there. I guess I’d be long gone if it weren’t for you. You are fine the way you are, please don’t think too much :)

@Shuba & Nivi: You gals=awesome fun:) Can’t remember a single moment of us together without us crazily laughing our heads off.

Guess that’s enough for now. Adios!

There is still time!

My Objectives : 2011 1. Change Job 2. Save 60% of Monthly income 3. Go on a Euro trip , if not World Tour 4. Write a full length novel...