Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am confused. I am mad. Going crazier by the minute. Don't know why, but the world doesn't seem so peaceful anymore. College did suck but I guess I'd happily stay there if it that would help me escape my near future. Always searching for a bigger wall to hit my head, for not learning to study when i was younger, and a lot more tameable. The 'What ifs' are ruling my life, thousand questions battering my head. Wherever i turn, there are people who're suddenly interested in knowing what i'm gonna do with my life. Finding solace in other people's misery never runs out of fashion, does it? Then i'd have to muster up the courage to come with a whole load of crap like, "No, i'm just taking one step at a time, let's see what happens." This kind of stuff shouldn't bother me, I know. But i just want something, anything to think about other than THE thing that i keep fighting off, but which i'm afraid is gonna give me a tumour anytime now.

There is still time!

My Objectives : 2011 1. Change Job 2. Save 60% of Monthly income 3. Go on a Euro trip , if not World Tour 4. Write a full length novel...