Monday, August 8, 2011

To Frankie, the best part of my childhood!

Dear Frankie,

Where do I even begin to describe you? The first time we spoke was probably when I was yelling at you for throwing mud in my lunch in 3rd standard :-D God, how I hated you then ;-) Ironically, it was the time you bit me that we actually became friends by plotting our escape. Agreed that talking to walls isn't as "sophisticated" as we used to think, we even got a few nice remarks back then, but I'd give anything to go back and do the same yet again if I could only have your company.

Dreaming of World tour and making endless plans to shop and sunbathe in Hawaii seemed more doable when we were roaming around Vadavalli, you in your Sunny and me in my TVS 50. So why does it seem almost impossible now when I am earning and you are about to? Speaking of Connor and Evan, both turned out to be crappy choices. But did you know that I still have a crush on Jeremy;-)

I knew we were poles apart, we still are. You were always the hyper one, difficult to handle, jumping to conclusions, always found something to be excited about, fell in love fearlessly and I was like a stone, expressionless, emotionless,clueless,confused, never cared much about anything. Maybe that is why it has worked out so well for us. How many times would we have planned to go out for a movie or a drive but ended up watching Friends reruns at one of our homes:) I still remember your landline number by-heart. We should've never gotten cell phones, probably we'd still be on the phone now rather than writing long touchy blogs. Sigh!

We don't talk often these days, but not a single day has gone by where something or someone has not reminded me of you. If only you were there, I wouldn't put my fist in my mouth and store all those swear words inside, for you'd've told them out loud and I'd be laughing. It is not that we run out of topics to talk about these days, and I am damn sure that somewhere someplace you're thinking of the same thing when you watch Orton do his signature RKO or hear the song Dola Re, read HP or think of FRIENDS. We might have drifted apart, but the 'BOND' is still very much there.

PriyankaVictor, you've made me laugh my ass off plenty of times before. And now you've made me cry (Please don't gloat). Love you always. Best Friend Forever!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Don't ask me how I did today's exam.!

There are 3 kinds of people you meet in an Exam Centre.

1. The know-it-alls:

Generally females, sporting specs and a long plait/pony tail bathed in oil, found clustered right in front of the exam hall, they are the gang of people who always sit together and keep repeating the answers to each other in a high-pitched almost Mandrake-ish tone. They are known by different names, the most common being "nerds/geeks", "Padipists" , "Peter parties", etc . They cram up every nook and corner of the book, perhaps even backwards, and have an Obsessive compulsive need to shout it out loud in the name of revising. They enjoy giving a head-ache to the poor souls-particularly "The Cat-on-the walls".

2. The "Cool Dudes":

As the name suggests, they are mostly young Males. They enter the building honking and roaring (sometimes literally) in their sports bikes. Gym body or not, they love to flaunt their branded boxer shorts beneath their low-waist jeans. They know nothing about the subject and come to the exam centre basically because they have already grazed all other pasture land and need some well-deserved sleep. The silence in the hall and the steady sound of the fan is an added advantage. If they are lucky, they might find an almost pretty know-it-all to gawk at in case they are not getting sleep.

3. The "Cat-on-the walls":

These are the mixed breeds, they are not entirely sure if they have studied or not, or if a particular question belongs to the syllabus or not. They do go to the exam hall with the intention of covering the remaining portions once they're there but end up losing all the time in observing what the 'Know-it-alls' and 'Cool-Dudes' are upto. They are flamboyant thinkers, and like to invent stuff as they write which often makes them lose track of time and finish the exam wondering what they were doing for the last 3 hours. If the dreams start getting interesting, they zone out willingly.

Sometimes, they even think of what to write on their long-awaiting blog post.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random things I wish to say to people

@Sandy: Oddly enough, you’re still the first person I think of calling when I come across a handsome dude on the street :)

@Dinky: Whenever I get frustrated at work and think if I’ve made a wrong career choice, your image appears in front of me, rolling your eyes and saying in that cocky tone of yours ,”Duh..!”. No matter how far apart we are, you’ll always be my best partner in crime :)

@Manu: If I were a Psychology major, you’d definitely be my research material and I’d do my dissertation on you. ‘Coz you’re that interesting. Not that you aren’t an irreplaceable nut-case ;) Btw, if HP really did exist, you’d make an amazing Ron Weasley (for your expressions, I mean).

@Vaish: I guess even if I become as old as my granny, I’d still have that compulsive need to call you and give you an up-to-date of what’s happening. An event doesn’t seem complete without me telling you about it and hearing what you have to say about that:)

@Divi: Best pillow ever:) You have always been that balancing act in everything. With you around I don’t have to be cautious of what I say ‘cos I know you’ll take it in the way I meant it.

@Paps: I am ‘there’ until you are there. I guess I’d be long gone if it weren’t for you. You are fine the way you are, please don’t think too much :)

@Shuba & Nivi: You gals=awesome fun:) Can’t remember a single moment of us together without us crazily laughing our heads off.

Guess that’s enough for now. Adios!

There is still time!

My Objectives : 2011 1. Change Job 2. Save 60% of Monthly income 3. Go on a Euro trip , if not World Tour 4. Write a full length novel...