Thursday, November 27, 2008

BLUR-as cool as it can get !!!

Blur...3 floors of absolute gaming fun in the sathyam theatre complex in Chennai...i'd gone to Chennai during my study hols two weeks before and boy,am i glad or what?? my sister took me to this super cool place which is like a heaven for all gaming freaks...even people who're not much into gaming will go crazy behind these didn't seem to be a big deal back then but to think that i spent more than 500 bucks there that single day,i should've really gone mad...but who wouldn't? though all games where great, my favourite was the sword game i played in PS-3 in the top floor(which unfortunately burnt up half of my pocket money, and which in turn i made my sister reimburse later)...i could've happily settled in that very couch if it weren't for the money factor....still i had llloottttssaaaaa fun there...a very memorable experience:-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chinmaya Vidyalaya-those were great days!!!

This is where i spent the best part of 14 yrs of my life...i just loved my school was, is and will forever be the most cherished days of my life..whatever i am now(not much i know,but still) is only because of the wonderful experiences i had during my time at school...though each and every moment spent on the school campus is memorable,there are a few very special incidents that i'd like to share with you here...

1. School tours:
'Wow' is the word that comes to my mind when i think of those amazing tours we had....amazing not because of the places we went(cos it ws jus the clich├ęd places like kodai,yercaud,madras etc), but only 'cos of the fun we had as a,it was awesome....those great boat rides in kodaikanal and thekkadi,flicking toys and other souvenirs so to speak(not me) from shops along the way, some 20 of us singing at the top of our voices in marina beach,whole night chatting, going rounds around campus at midnight,dancing(or something like it) in bus...whew,the list is tours were the best:-)

2. Happy Holi:
This is one story which we tell anyone who'd listen...when i was in 9th std, me and my friends decided to do something colourful in school and played holi...unfortunately for us, the class room we 'modernized' was a centre for 12th public exams to be held later that the authorities got tensed and chased us around to punish....myself and 3 of my friends luckily escaped home before being caught...but the next day in the assembly we were all called and were suspended for a day and were assigned to our P.T master to help him around the whole day...little did they know that the P.T sir hated them as much as we did and let us play in the ground the entire day last the punishment was more fun than the so called crime for which we were caught;-)

3. Bond classes:
Bond-the ultimate class teacher that anyone can hope to get...don't know when this nick name came into existence or by whom, but since then students from generations to generations have followed fact very few of us in school know his real name...anyways, he was our class teacher for the 2 most important years in school life-11th & 12th...he was also our commerce as well as accounts teacher and as such handled more than 4hrs each and my gang of friends were his pet students cos we managed to score fine and at least pretended to respect him...we learnt texting, chit passing, hearing music through headphones,eating our canteen special bonda and kacha mango which was a rage back then, playing bingo,gossips and my fav pass time sleeping etc etc only in bond classes...he is an icon for us cos it is he who prepared us all to face college practically....we all owe you,sir!!!

4. Strike:
We were the only batch in the history of our school to carry out a strike (successfully)...when we entered 11th std our whole management changed and the new head replaced our old( great) teachers with new ones who couldn't even manage a single sentence in english without stammering...we got furious and demanded them to bring back our teachers back if they wanted us to attend the classes as usual....well, it worked and by lunch few of our teachers resumed was a group effort by the entire batch and we were looked upon as inspirations by our juniors(that part was funny)...

School life just rocked....if i ever get the opportunity to go back in time, i'd select the last two years of my school life and live it again and again...i can never get enough of those memories....those were really great days!!!

There is still time!

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