Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Manu!

It is just like how Harry and Ron sat next to each other for the first time on the Hogwarts express. We had no idea we'd become such good friends and be together for almost 8 years. HP has actually played a major role in this.

May be not as adventurous as this, but we sure have had our share of fun together. I didn't know what I was thinking, packing my bags and taking that train to Wayanad with you. Maybe if we had thought that through a lot, we wouldn't even have had the guts to go there alone. But it turned out to be a fun trip.

From people who kept talking, judging others, passing comments, gossiping all the time, making friends with other rich people, it was a welcome change to meet you and the much needed silent company you provided ;)  I was glad to have had your company to talk my kind of books and movies. You were a tough one to crack, I've always thought of you as "Miss Mystery" since it was hard to know what you were thinking. But soon you became my Partner in crime for all the things I am sure I wouldn't regret when I grow old. In fact, there is still quite a lot to do on that Bucket list.

GOA was an altogether different experience. Don't remember the last time I had so much of fun on a trip. Going to exciting places is one, but having a person who enjoys the same things you do is very rare. It was one hell of a trip which I will cherish for a long time to come.

You have no idea how much you mean to me, especially when it comes to our "Workplace". It is not only reassuring, but also very consoling to know that a soul just like yours is sitting somewhere in a desk nearby, hating this job as much as you do and is probably dreaming of a similar faraway land with blue beaches, white sand, tanned swimmers, and cool drinks. 

I still have a lot of plans that involves you and me and anyone else who's interested, in taking that World Tour to all the places we've dreamt of going. Let's make a 5 year pact and visit at least one new country for every 5 years. Here's wishing you a great birthday and a lot of happy surprises this year.

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Manasa said...

Our connection started with the Z550i Sony Ericsson, I think. In the first day at the accountancy class, I wondered, 'who's that girl who has the same phone as I do?' Of course, you are right, the tying factor was 'Harry Potter.' Since then, the ride with you has only been adventurous. You have witnessed my good, bad and awkward times more than anyone else. Thank you for sticking by me. I count on you to kick some sense into me whenever I deserve it.

This five year pact is the best one we have done yet. Can't wait for the first trip.

Thank you for this wonderful blog. One of the best b'day surprise I have received.

- Blimeyharry

There is still time!

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