Thursday, July 30, 2015

Daughter to Daughter-in-law

How life changes in just 5 letters, from being a daughter to daughter-in-law. Why do the parents even get their daughters educted, employed and then married If right from when to wake up, when to take bath, what to wear, when to eat until when to sleep is decided by someone else. Why do the girls even need a life? Forget gender equality, where is the basic respect that a human being deserves? Everybody knows that this is unfair. The men keep quiet because it suits them and they don't have to move a muscle, and the older women are so used to be these rules that they think it is a sin to do otherwise. The ones that are caught between these chauvinistic and submissive clans respectively are the younger generation who end up being clueless as to what to speak against and what to tolerate. Even if they do not care about the names the society would call them with, they do care about the so called "honour" of their family and shut their mouths most of the times. A life living under these rules is totally worthless. To grow a girl child and let her live under these circumstances is almost equal to female infanticide, for,  breathing alone does not mean living. 

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